How to Maximize Your Success in a Home-Based Or Network Marketing Business

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Hi, my name is Bill W. Jones Sr. I live in the Brotherly Love City of Philadelphia PA.

How do you feel when you think about your financial future? Does it causes you pain, drives you crazy and keep you awake at night? How do you feel when you think about not having enough money for college, travel and vacation? What about retirement? Can you imagine a life where money is not an issue? Believe it or not. Your future will be what you believe it will be.

I was born into extreme poverty and know the pains of hunger, cold, thirst, embarrassment (from wearing pants with holes in the rear) ignorance from lack of education and lack of love. At age 20, I was married and had my first of 4 sons. My lack of education prevented me from getting a decent job. So I took Home Study Courses, (while working any job I could find) went to night school and was able to retire from the New York City Department of Sanitation, as a General Superintendent at age 44.

My friends, regardless of what you hear on the news, opportunities abound. However, you must prepare yourself to meet opportunity. There is an old saying that: quote;When the student is ready the teacher will appear. When you are truly ready for a thing, it will appear into your life. Believe it or not, you have been attracting what you now have in your life. And nothing is going to change until you change your thoughts. That is based on the law of cause and effect. Which says that for every effect there is a cause. The vast majority of us try to change our results while ignoring what caused the results.

One of the hardest lesson for most to learn is that everything they have in their lives is a result of the thoughts they have been thinking. My family and friends cannot accept this fact and as a result they go through life blaming everyone and everything for their lack of success. While I was studying to improve my self, they were busy watching television and complaining about the MAN holding them back. They seem to know all of the reasons to fail rather than looking for ways to succeed.

Did you know that over 95% of Network Marketers spend more money than they earn. Many with the same company, the same products, the same compensation plan ant the same training fail while others succeed. How can you explain such a huge different in results. It has everything to do with how they think. What they do not know is that they need to change their thoughts from an employee mind-set to that of a business owner. The employee mind set is geared toward security while the business mind look long term. Business minded individuals are willing to fore go immediate gratifications for long term financial security. They have strong visions that keep them focused on where they are going and therefore they get the fuel needed to continue through the hard times.

King Solomon had more wisdom than any man during his time. He said: “As a man think so he is.” Donald Trump stated that since we are going to think anyway why not think BIG. It does not cost anymore to think Big that it does to think small.

When you improve your thoughts you increase your self-worth and your value to society. When you become more valuable to society you will earn more money. That is the best way to change your financial future.

Napoleon Hill spent 25 years studying the most successful men of his time. He concluded that their thoughts were the most important factor in their success. Earl Nightingale wrote in his book: “The Strangest Secret” that we become what we think about all day. So my friends, examine your thoughts, are they empowering you, or are they taking you down the road to ruin. The bible states as a man sows so shall he reap. You cannot sow corn and expect to reap wheat. My friends, I hope that this will help you take a closer look at the kind of thoughts you have been thinking.

The greatest investment you can make is in yourself. You can start by reading about men and women who overcame tremendous obstacles to reach unparalleled success. The world need leaders more now than almost anytime in history. You can be one of them or you can sit on the sideline like so many others and watch the world pass you by.